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Scrapes and Rubs

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I've scouted my hunting property for some time now and have found alot of deer sign; namely trails, hoof prints, and poop. However, I have yet to see any scrapes or rubs.

My question is: How do go about finding it this late in the game without spooking the deer? And where should I be looking?

I've been hunting in/near oak trees and a small stream and haven't seen any in this area.

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It's early for new scrapes and rubs. They will show up closer to the rut.
Look for old rubbed trees from last year. Chances are that if no one harvested the buck that made them, he will return to the area to mark his " turf "
I have about 10-15 diffrent rubs by my stand, and more show up everyday, but I guess thats what you get when you see 6 or 7 bucks everynight in my area!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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