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Scoutguard 550V trail cam?

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I just heard about the Scoutguard 550V trail camera from a NJH member... went to the web site and found myself about to order 2 cameras/theft boxes instantly.... i had to talk meself out of it, see some other peoples thought on it before i order them..

SO, any opinions?
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DO IT! I purchased my second one today came with two 2gb sd cards for 199.00.
1.3 second trigger time - 1 second recover time
GREAT MOVIES and its the size of a soda can. For 199.00 you cant go wrong
Buy one and if you dont like it I will buy it off you
Buy one and if you dont like it I will buy it off you

im gonna buy a pair of them... buy 2, 2 lock boxes, they give the sd card and the viewfinder all for like $500 bucks..
I didnt get the one with the viewer. I just carry my old digital camera with me in the woods. That way I can view pics and if I get a deer or need to take a picture I can use the camera
Have a link to the site?
I haven't bought the ScoutGuard 550 yet, but this is the lock bracket I was going to purchase.

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I bought one last year,good camera ,easy to hide.Dont know how to upload pics.
Dont know how to upload pics.
The camera doesnt hold pictures you have to have a memory card.

If you have a memory card just plug the USB cable from the camera to the computer and the computer will detect the card and telly ou how to upload the pics. Or put them into a digital camera and look at them on that
Have pics from sg550,bushnell,moultriei40,wildveiw on my computer just have problem uploading to this site.Thanks anyway.
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