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Scent lock base layers

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Has anyone out there used scent lock base layers? I just bought a pair from the Jamboree. Just wondering if anyone had any comments on them. Thanks
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Bowhuntnj, Hi!! I don't want to discourage you or anyone here. Here is an article from a man who works for NASA, he is the Carbon guru. I have been using carbon suits since they hit the market, after a year, I would start to get pick out by deers, just like if I was wearing street cloths. I have even used the liner, with two more scent lock suits on top, of course depending on the temperature and still I was being smelled. Now I use the suits because I have them but I wash them like everything else I wear in the woods in Arm and Hamer non-scented, and it has solved my problem. Here is the web site, you are all going to go into shock when you read this.
I also have used Army BDU chemical suits, to no avail.
Very informative. If that is really how it works it makes sense. I originally thought the scent lock worked as a mask, not a filter. His analogies make perfect sense.
I don't use scent-lock suits, I just use spray and keep the wind in my face.
scent-lok suits do work if you use them as an aid to playing the wind. If you wear one and think you can hunt your stand when the wind is wrong then you deserve to get picked off by the deer. It helps minimize your smell down wind. So when you p [no swearing please] up on a deer and it gets behind you they usually know something is wrong but they dont snort. Since I have been where the suit (5 years) I have yet to be snorted at. They do not eliminate your smell 100% but its just another thing that can help you just like they sprays and scents.
I agree with everyone here, There have been times where I have left straight from work changed clothes, and just sprayed scent away, and gotten plkenty of deer. I know someone who smokes in the woods and gets deer every year. I once tried that carbon blast, now they say it doesnt stain your clothes but it does!!! and if you get it on your skin it stains that as well.
WOW! That article has me thinking. It makes a lot of sense. I guess I'll have to reconsider purchasing that new dream fleece outfit, and get that Nikon rangefinder instead. [smirk]
Thanks for the responses![up] I have used scent blocker with much luck over the last few years. I do also pay much attention to scent control. I found the article quite informative (Thanks again) and will keep it in mind. The base layers by scent lock do wick moisture away from the skin which is really what I need for the cooler season. They were actually cheaper than the body armour garments that came out last year. If the scent properties do work than I killed two birds with one stone. Good luck everyone the season is 3 weeks away!!!!:);)
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Well I wear scent lock, and I use all the scent shield soaps and shampoos, and sprays and all that stuff. I haven't been busted by a deers nose too many times. So whether or not the scent lok suit is working or a combination of the suit and my scent control regimen is working....something is so I'll stick with it. But the article definitley has me questioning the manufacturers
Wow[ko] This was the post that drove me to this site. A friend pasted it on to me & I've been hooked since.
Wow This was the post that drove me to this site. A friend pasted it on to me & I've been hooked since.
Just thought it was cool to dog up some of the old posts from last year on this day.[up]
Thanks for posting way back when El Jefe. Good info[up]
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