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for those guys getting ready, or for those who want to try new things.
i'm posting my products on here, did the bar soap once before on here. thanks to those who ordered.
i have a good local following, did good at a big outdoors show, it's in a mom and pop outdoors store. now i'm hitting the few good nj sites on the web.
i have "makes no scents" scent free bar soap $4-4oz
i have "scent be gone" spray $6-12oz mister cap
i have "scent be gone" laundry powder $7-11oz-one cap per load.

all products have been tested on a wide range of sissy skin, years of hunting, and very good quality control. each bar is made and poured one at a time. one batch of powder make two and a half containers, one batch of spray makes 8 bottles, this small batch size makes for a consistant product. not like large vats of product.
if i have to ship, i have to cover that cost. i'm on the edge of salem/gloucester county. for locals we can work out a meeting place.
any questions or orders email me.
thanks guys.
[email protected]
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