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Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you are looking at it, black bear attacks or more importantly deaths, are very rare. Even in areas where there are more than NJ, yes NJ has bears-[ko], attacks are rare.

I'm not for or against the hunt. I also would not want someone I care about killed or injured from an attack.
But I have the feeling that even if 1 person was killed, it would not generate enough emotion to overcome the antis arguments or support. I don't have a crystal ball and can't predict the future, that's just my opinion and we all know what opinions are worth.

My reason is just that people will use the argument that it's only 1 attack in how many years, yatta yatta yatta. You know what I mean.

Then again, we had 2 complaints about bears last week in the Twp. One guy wanted the bear shot because it walked through his yard. Didn't do anything, just walked through his yard. He threatened to kill it if it came back. Hope he doesn't do something stupid like that but we'll see.
The 2 bears causing all the sightings last week in our Twp. have obviously moved on as the sightings have gone to 0. Or they are just moving at night.
Either way, they didn't cause any problems or damage.
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