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I think what Njbowhunter is concerned about is the exotic pets,not the species that are ending up in rivers,streams and oceans

I personally have mixed emotions on this.I don't agree with taking exotic pets from the wild,but am fine with ones that are raised by breeders for the pet trade.

My son will be very unhappy as well seeing that he has a couple lizards and a gerble himself.

I also don't agree with some of the species on the invasive species list( the nj one).The flathead catfish for example.I have caught these in Virginia.they are extremely great fighters and quite tasty.The only place I see them being a problem is in lakes and ponds,and that isn't a given. Everywhere i have caught them the ecosystem in that body of water was very healthy.

Besides they can't take care of the invasive species list laws they already have.You know ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION !!!! [rofl][rofl][rofl]
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