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Saturday morning wreck trip

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Ok, for the third time this season I will be attempting to catch fish from a boat at the wrecks saturday morning. Hopefully third times the charm.

Ill try my luck at some sea bass, maybe some fluke, and maybe some blues.

Hopefully the weather will be good in the early morning saturday.

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good luck.
sea b [no swearing please] and fluke use squid strips, for fluke fresh sea robin belly works like a charm (white part)
Good Luck
Ok didnt have a wonderful fishing trip with tons of fish to bring home but for the first time in history I caught a fluke, undersize had to throw back and some small shark looking creature that my brother wanted to bring home for his salt water tank but I refused. SO I caught something and broke the curse.

Congrats Dennis!!!!![up][up] You have to start somewhere...;)
man ill tell you one thing, I thought I caught a whale when that little shark hit.

Also, how the hell do you guys that fish all the time afford the gas bill?
I went to the tires and persephone i think its called, about 1 million boats drifting there, and the sea ray i have holds 80 gallons, is a four stroke and still hurts the wallet, I dont know how some people go out every day.

You need to bring you buddies and split the gas. My fathers boat held approx 250-300 gallons, Now that was a bill even if it was diesel.
i need to learn to catch fish before I can bring my buddies and have them split the gas.
I went to the tires and persephone i think its called, about 1 million boats drifting there,
Well there's your first mistake. Unless your the first boat there, there are so many lines and so many fish caught on every drift. After a few drifts the place is fished out of keepers. Sure everyone is going to fish there cause there's action. They see a net go and everyone piles up on that spot,. It happens to me plenty of times while fishing out of my yak. We'll be all alone in the shallows and as soon as I need the net , Bam boats fromm 1'2- 1 mile away zoom in. Thats why I seldom use the net unless neccesarry. My advice for fluke is run your depth finder, find a bank or slope in about 35' of water 200 yds off the each and fish by yourself. The fish are there you just have to find them. And don't set the hook on the first hit , give it a few ft of line then set the hook, Unless your using circle hooks then just hold on till he fish hooks himself. When all else fails power drift or just bump your bait on a short line but make sure your on the bottom. But hey that's why they call it fishing , not catching:)

One more thing , use a flourocarbon (12-20 lb test)leader 3-4 feet long.
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