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Last season we caught this nice 6 point on the trail camera in September(In velvet) and again in October. I saw him bow hunting twice last year but he never came closer than 50 yds. The last day of 6 day shotgun we saw him out in the field and we were glad he made it through the gun season.

So, we put the camera back out 3 weeks ago and have pictures of a nice 8 point that looks very similar to the 6 from last season.....What do you think?

Picture of 2008 6 Point in Velvet

Picture of 2008 6 Point in October

2009 8 Point with another buck in background

2009 8 Point

The pictures from this year are not that great, it looks like the Moultrie I40's flash is going bad. Good thing I am going to Cabelas on Saturday, anyone suggestions on good trail cameras?
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