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Same bear?

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Police think bear paws-ed first in Union
It may have cracked window of dry cleaners before traveling 10 miles farther to Colonia
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Star-Ledger Staff
In the hours before it became the talk of Woodbridge on Saturday, a young black bear left its imprint in another busy community in neighboring Union County.
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I heard on the radio today a bear was treed in Parsippany. It blocked up traffic for awhile. I didn't hear how that event turned out!
I would have called the Bear Group! They know what they are doing! LOL! Maybe one of them could have given the cute little guy a ride back to the woods in thier mini van! Oh .. I'm sorry... I forgot... They don't actually do anything for the bears they just criticize what everyone else is doing...
This is probably one of those bears that they say the F&W lets loose in populated areas so we can have another bear hunt![mad];):D
I can't believe how many bears are making the news these days! You know the bear friendly people aren't reporting anything so there are a lot more things going on then are even being reported! It's really pretty bad this year! This has to open some peoples eyes to how bad this situation really is! What is it going to take to make the DEP realize that there are plenty of bears (too many bears) to warrent a hunt!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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