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I am a novice bow hunter at best and havent been doing this very long. However in the past couple years, I always had to take a doe 1st. In reading the regulations for Set #6 (zone 17), it seems that I may take a buck 1st in fall bow (oct. 1st-oct 28th). Then for Permit bow, it reads "unlimited anterless deer and ONE antlered deer".
QUESTION: Can I take a buck first in both fall bow AND Permit bow? No doe's necessary?
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In zone 6 your fall bow starts Oct. 1. You can take either a buck or doe as your first deer it doesn't matter. Also zone 6 is a QDM zone which means the buck you take must have at least three points on one side of its antlers. hope this helps
oh ur in set 6 not zone 6...disregard the part about QDM. sorry
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