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so, its been 8 long weeks that i have had my cams out and thankfully not stolen :) i did see a big difference when pheasant season opened up. less deer coming my way and many hunters showing up on the cams. most leave the cam alone but of course a few try and mess with it with no luck of taking it. besides deer and people my cams have also spotted a pig, a bobcat, and a fox.
I'M excited that the 6 day firearm is around the corner.
for feed i have just been placing it on the ground, if it gets wet so be it. Now after watching a few corn feed videos i'm wondering if i should put out a pvc pipe with corn in it to try and attract more deer. any thoughts on this? good/bad? not worth the time and effort? does it truly work? I'll b going out during permit shotgun.
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