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Rifled shotgun slugs...

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For those of you that shoot rifled shotguns, Hornady has finally released their newest 12 ga Sabots the SST's.
A member on another board was asking information and a review of them.
Below is s copy of what I posted for him.
I thought some members here would find it informative.

Uncle Matt,

I too have been interested in trying the SST sabots. Here are the facts to consider...

The reason no else has answered is that they have just became available at some retailers in the past few weeks and are still difficult to locate...

Here is one current source I found...

The SST's are an off shoot of the development of the H2K. The H2K contained a 250gr xtp. These new Sabots contain 300gr SST's instead. (My experience with the H2K was disappointing, although they were in the top of cl [no swearing please] in terms of trajectory they were very erradic as far as accuracy, often throwing random flyers).

They do not shoot any flatter than the current top performing Sabots on the market. The advertising for the trajectory is misleading. They quote the trajectory from (-.09in) at the barrel, (if you figure out how to accomplish that let me know). Even with the extra inch they are dead on at 150 and -6.7in at 200 To you and me in the real world that means -7.6in low at 200.

The flatest consistent competitor to the Hornady SST would be the Remmington Core Lokt Ultra's. They are once again misleading in their advertisement of trajectory. They qoute their trajectory from -1.5in at the barrel. These sabots are are dead on at 150 and -6.2in at 200. To you and me that would be -7.7in low at 200.
That means that the current Core Lokt's already offer nearly identical trajectory to the new SST's.

Although these two competitors have nearly identical trajectories one must keep in mind they are shoot very different projectiles. The SST's are 300 gr, While the
Core Lokt's are launching 385 gr.
That means only one thing is possible. The SST's are slower, and do not carry the energy, that the Core Lokt's do.
The actual #'s for the SST's at 200yds are velocity 1341 fps, and energy 1198 ft-lbs.
The Core Lokt's at 200 are velocity 1426 fps, and energy 1741ft-lbs.
Although both still have plenty of knock down power at 200yds for deer sized game, the Core Lokt's with an additional 500ft-lbs of power at 200yds would be welcome comfort if one were to make a poorly placed shot.

They will be between 11-15$ line with most current high performance Sabots.

Is the SST an new ballistic breakthrough in Sabot technology? NO.... Does any of this tell us anything about the accuracy of the SST's or the Core Lokt's out of any particular gun?.. Absolutely not.

Will I be testing the SST's for accuracy vs. the Core Lokt's as soon as I can.......YES!
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Good post jcchartboy.[up]
My opinion after spending hundreds of dollars testing the hyper velocity sabot slugs available on the market, is that the rifle twist in current production shotguns is way to slow to stabilize these projectiles.
FYI these new Hornady slugs are not "rifled slugs". They are sabot slugs. Rifled slugs have twists on the projectile itself to impart spin on them. The sabot utilizes the rifling in the rifled bore i.e. lands and grooves to impart spin.
I concur Rich, moderate velocity slugs have always achieved the best accuracy for me. The exception being Federals Barnes Expanders in a 3" variety. They punch hole into hole all day long out of my Browning A-Bolt.
The Remington Core Lokts are the ticket for me. I seem to own one of the few guns that shoots them well.

My Savage 210...
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Thanks Whelen....
(she is my girlfriend..BTW)
Nice rig Jeff... is that the replacement or the original???
That is the replacement for the original. This weekend I am picking up the original replacement for the original..:D

#1..was a Browning A-bolt 12ga..(which was lost) the Savage 210 above the new A-bolt 12ga..(which I am picking up this weekend)
A-bolt 12ga
Greatest slug gun I have ever owned. Damn shame they were discontinued.
Damn shame they were discontinued
not for those of us that own em....:D
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