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Rescuers retrieve Labrador after harrowing dip in river
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Star-Ledger Staff
Schubert was just doing what a yellow Labrador retriever does when he sees geese in the water. Retrieve.

But in trying to fetch the fowl, the poor pooch flopped into a rain- swollen Rockaway River in Boonton Township, and was swept downstream, setting the stage for high drama that ended Monday afternoon with a rescue.

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Poor pooch... glad he was ok.

But just as a word of advice to keep this happening to anybody else. Make sure your dogs are trained very well on obedience... especially if they're hunting dogs. I once read a similar story about a guy who lost his dog while duck hunting. He was hunting on a pond attached to a swift moving river, he downed a duck and the dog took off after it, the duck was only crippled and swam right into the river... the dog never looked back and kept going after despite the guys calling. The dog in the story Jim posted should never have jerked the leash out of the kids hand... my wife can walk my 95 pounder and she only has about 20 pounds on him.
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