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If you guys are pissed that it takes three months, then stand up for yourselves. When the time of 30 working days has passed, go to the cop shop and ask where your card is. When they say the paperwork hasn't come back yet. Tell them they better have it tomorrow (politely, non-threatening). When they don't, file a writ of mandamus forcing them to act on your application. If you are not disqualified, you will get your card/pistol permits. By the way it is 45 days for non-residents. No more bitching, either stand up and be a man or wither away waiting rediculous amounts of time. The laws says 30 days!!!!!! You will have to do some paperwork, but it puts the cops in their place and they might be perturbed, but they will respect you after you have shown them you are well informed in firearms law and will not stand for any political antics. The writ costs 40 USD if I remember.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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