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Removing treestands from public land

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After reading another thread on public land being "locked up" by hunters leaving treestands in the woods for the season (or year round) and seeing an increase of this firsthand, I am beginning to think that a law should be enacted requiring stands to be removed after a days hunt.

I think there are many sound arguments for this. One of the biggest is to give every hunter a fair chance at using the woods.

But other reason for this is to end the frustration of hunters who find hot locations while scouting only to find a treestand locked (or nailed) to a tree.Many here might argue that you could always hang your stand in next tree over,after all its public land, but when the owner of the other stand shows up there will be heated words of "this is my area, don't you see my stands already here? Go find your own damm spot!". I know, cause Ive experienced it. This alone ruins the hunt for both parties. (and to anyone who says that this wouldn't bother them and would not give the altercation a second thought after its all over, is either a saint or a liar).

Some years ago, I helped a friend scout some PA public land on a Sunday afternoon a week before the opening. After walking for a couple of miles and finding several good areas to set up I noticed that I had not seen a single treestand, permanent or otherwise.After mentioning this to him he said "you have to carry your stand in and out on the day you hunt. Its illegal to just leave them on the trees).

I know some here might scream bloody murder if they required the same in this state, but I have to say I'd wouldn't mind it. At this point I'd welcome it.
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This topic gives me so many mixed ideas. I've carried a climber in and out of the woods for morning and night posts 90% of the time for 30+ years back east(I've been fortunate with good health). Out west tree stand use is much less prevalent, however guys "claim" spots by writing "hunter on post", "hunter in area", etc. on paper plates and hanging them in trees and shrubs. They don't always take them down and they can stay up season after season. Usually these are around a water resource that the animals need. AZ law states clearly that no one hunter is entitled to a hunting area based on these signs. Also, they state clearly that stands/blinds(natural or commercially made) left on Public property are open to hunters on a first come first served basis. That law still doesn't prevent confrontations and fights in the woods and we're talking about Public grounds that are hundreds of thousands of acres! I think the State of AZ treats stands/blinds like a fixture in real estate: if you sell your house to someone, after signing a contract for sale, you can't start pulling your garage door opener out of the garage, take the faucet out of the kitchen, etc.: they are fixtures that go with the sale(unless otherwise stated by contract). Anyway, when you put a stand/ blind on Public property it is an attached fixture of the land: there are legal consequences. If you have other expectations hunt Private land that you control. I also believe that you can have all different types of opinions on these types of issues and those opinions do not make you a person of lesser or greater character; your character can be defined much better by how you obey laws when no one is watching and only you know that.
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I don't use a climber very often, as this spot does'nt have many trees a climber could be used in. A law like that would effectively bar me from hunting there.
I have some spots that are over a miles hike to get to.

I have a climber but I rarely use it. Too heavy.

But I pack in a lite fixed stand (10 lbs) with me along with 9 steps or a set of climbing spikes and belt. It takes me only about 15 minutes to setup my stand and hunt.

I would have exceptions for the elderly and disabled who may have difficulty carrying in a stand every hunt.
I would agree that there are some people who might really have difficulty carrying a stand in and out. But there are many more people that leave stands there because they really don't feel like carrying one with them.

i don't like using a climber i'd rather hang a stand and have it ready for me when i get there.  a lot of guys hunt in the same parts of wma's but don't even try to find places that aren't heavily hunted.  i hunt public land always and VERY rarely run into other hunters because i find places that aren't pressured.
I only hunt public land too and to avoid crowds I hike back to some very remote areas, But Im seeing more stands locked to trees farther in as of late and the some of people hunting these spots are using ATVs to get to their stands. (And yes I have seen it first hand). This doesn't go for everyone who hangs a stand "way back", but for many where I hunt, it does.
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Where I go in zone 3 You are aloud to set up 2 weeks before and break down 2 weeks after.

same here...... i have met other hunters who put their stands in early and leave them all season too..... we all know were the stands are,and can use each others stands
This may be the case in your area, but not everyone is like that. I know that this can be a touchy subject and I understand that most hunters are friendly and understand that they are sharing public land with other hunters. I simply think that packing your gear out of the woods after your done hunting is good etiquette. Thats all.
I am beginning to think that a law should be enacted requiring stands to be removed after a days hunt.
You guys crack me up.Do the leg work and find a spot to hang your stand.We have thousands upon thousands of acres of public land to hunt.We don't need more regulations on hunting!It's a joke already with all the seasons bag limits and rules.What we need more of is a mutual respect amongst hunters.It's an ethical question.You see a stand or camera.Find another spot.You would be doing yourself and the other hunting alot of good by just moving on.We all no that too much pressure on deer is a bad thing.If we had to carry a stand in and out everyday we hunted the deer would catch on and be gone!!The whole idea is to setup a stand early season and go in as little as possible.
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I was told this by the lady at the water shed but I can't find anything in my paper work. So it may be wrong. Zone 3
were in zone three
I also read some where on state parks you may do this.
Well, I looked every where and I can't find it, but I no I saw it somewhere.
If I find it I will post it.
Do the leg work and find a spot to hang your stand.We have thousands upon thousands of acres of public land to hunt.
I do do my own legwork. That is the reason I see so many stands in the wood. ALL YEAR LONG.As far as those thousands of acres of land, a lot of that covered in treestands both portable and permanent that are put there to lock-up that part of the woods.

f we had to carry a stand in and out everyday we hunted the deer would catch on and be gone!!
Your kidding, right? Ive killed some nice deer from stands that I pack in with me. Deer can also catch on to where a stands been placed.One year I shot a buck While hunting 40 yards from a locked-on stand. It was a good spot and I walked a ways in to get there, so I set up there even through there was already a stand there. The buck started to walk to the other stand,then stopped and stared at the tree it was in, then walked downwind around it giving me a 9 yard shot. Something wasn't right to that deer and I could only guess the stand had been over hunted.
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A couple of weeks ago my friend find a letter on his stand. The guy was pissed that he put a stand near his spot. My friend stand was about 80 yard away from his stand. My friend put a letter back on his stand in a zipp lock bag. The funny thing the guy who was bitching hasn't been there for the last past month. My friend never ran ino the guy while he was hunting either. Some guys feel that no one else can hunt an area were they have a stand. I use to try to find an area were there are no other stand but I gave up. allot of guys hunt a couple times a year and leave there stand up all year. I hunt at least 1 a week for the entire season. IT NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY, IM GOING TO HUNT WRE I WANT TRYING NOT TO SCREW ITHER HUNTERS. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. I try to get the number of any guy that I may be next too.
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Couldn't agree more... its public land for everyone to use take you stuff home with you when you leave...[up]
if i see sign of anyone else hunting i just dont bother and i move on,chances are there hunting the wrong wind and blowing the woods up anyway
Who cares if people leave stands there. I dont give a rats ass if your hunting a spot. If theres a big buck in the area guess where I am gonna be and yes I will be there before you. What pisses me off is when you get a guy that walks in on you and starts bitching. BUDDY SHUT UP. Move on and come back another day. Shouting in the dark at 5am wont do either of us any good....
I care. I scout heavily and every good spot I find there is a stand there. Out of respect, I just move on.
Try pheasant hunting on opening day on public … lmao … when a bird gets up 16 guys shooting at the same bird … if you don’t hit the deck you might get peppered.
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