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Removing treestands from public land

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After reading another thread on public land being "locked up" by hunters leaving treestands in the woods for the season (or year round) and seeing an increase of this firsthand, I am beginning to think that a law should be enacted requiring stands to be removed after a days hunt.

I think there are many sound arguments for this. One of the biggest is to give every hunter a fair chance at using the woods.

But other reason for this is to end the frustration of hunters who find hot locations while scouting only to find a treestand locked (or nailed) to a tree.Many here might argue that you could always hang your stand in next tree over,after all its public land, but when the owner of the other stand shows up there will be heated words of "this is my area, don't you see my stands already here? Go find your own damm spot!". I know, cause Ive experienced it. This alone ruins the hunt for both parties. (and to anyone who says that this wouldn't bother them and would not give the altercation a second thought after its all over, is either a saint or a liar).

Some years ago, I helped a friend scout some PA public land on a Sunday afternoon a week before the opening. After walking for a couple of miles and finding several good areas to set up I noticed that I had not seen a single treestand, permanent or otherwise.After mentioning this to him he said "you have to carry your stand in and out on the day you hunt. Its illegal to just leave them on the trees).

I know some here might scream bloody murder if they required the same in this state, but I have to say I'd wouldn't mind it. At this point I'd welcome it.
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Sounds like a good idea. I would have exceptions for the elderly and disabled who may have difficulty carrying in a stand every hunt.
I am beginning to think that a law should be enacted requiring stands to be removed after a days hunt.
There is already a law in place in the use regulations that requires removal of stands after the days hunt. Here's the law:

Stand Use Law
(c) The building, erecting, use of or hunting from a permanent type tree stand or hunting blind is prohibited.
(d) Hunting from portable, temporary hunting tree stands or hunting blinds is permitted. However, the hunter using the portable temporary hunting tree stand or hunting blind shall remove it immediately after use.
Folks just ignore it, and the F&W guys can't spend their days searching the woods for stands left up overnight. Hence the law is not enforced and I doubt it ever will be.
I think it should stay as is. I have stands in two parks, I had a person hang their stand within 60yrds of my stands in both places. They hunt when they want and I do the same, I never saw the other hunters whenever I hunted my stands, so no problems here. Although Im not disabled or "elderly", I also not 20 either, I like to be able to quietly sneak into my stands when I get the chance, sometimes my time is limited and having to hang a stand would prevent me from hunting that afternoon.
There is already a law in place in the use regulations that requires removal of stands after the days hunt. Here's the law:
That is for state parks only it doesn't apply elsewhere.
if you leave stands on state land u have no right to that spot any body can use your stand and hang a stand next to it use a portable its a little heavy its noisey but take it in take it out look into a tree lounge pure comfort u can sit 10 hrs no problem it takes me about 7 minutes at tree base to completley set up and hunting it also has a wheel set for deer removal
That is for state parks only it doesn't apply elsewhere.
i thought it applied to wma too, well anyway i have 2 stands by where i hunt and i did have one guy say he's hunting there didn't i see his stand? the other guy said i could use his anytime and showed me where his pegs where hidden, by the way i carry my stand in everyday and been hunting there for years
I hunt A long way away from my truck like nearly 2 mi walk in, it's state land and I set up 2 stands early on and that is the only spot I hunt.

I don't use a climber very often, as this spot does'nt have many trees a climber could be used in. A law like that would effectively bar me from hunting there.[down]

Even thouggh it's state land, there is no one hunting back there due to the long walk to get in there, That's way I hang 2 lock-ons there. That way there is less I need to carry in.

If that law was in effect here I'd have to give that spot up because I'd have way to much to carry. then.

I think there are quite a few guys like me that would be negitievly effected by a law like that.
i don't like using a climber i'd rather hang a stand and have it ready for me when i get there. a lot of guys hunt in the same parts of wma's but don't even try to find places that aren't heavily hunted. i hunt public land always and VERY rarely run into other hunters because i find places that aren't pressured.
fish and wildlife come in a look at the woods after the season is over and bring thier bolt cutters to cut down old stands if they are in the woods a certain period of time after the season ends.

I pulled my stand 2 days after the season..

aside from that, I wish people would not steal cameras, especially the ones locked to trees!!!
DakotaBear, I'm right there with'ya I find Lock-on stands to be way more versitile than A climber! They get you where other won't go and as a result I see tons more deer...[up]
It is required to take down your stand in the Adk's also but since no one has been near my stand in 7 years, why take it down? I will never carry it out for that distance. When the tree falls, I will put up a new one 10 feet from where it is now. I see many stands in the woods up north and I believe no one takes them down. If I caught you in my stand, I would make sure you never do it again! JJ
Take it down after a days hunt gets my vote[up] If you don't want to carry it , then hide it some where.[patcheye]
Where I go in zone 3 You are aloud to set up 2 weeks before and break down 2 weeks after.
i haven't had any problems with my stands on public property...yet, and there are some areas where ive gone to place a stand and low and behold, someone else has put a stand there. So what, i go somewhere else, there are plenty of woods. I've also placed stands according to where the heavily pressured areas are, and done very well with hunters driving the deer to me while on thier way to thier stands.
You just have to account for human pressure when hunting in NJ. Use it to your benefit rather than against you.
I hunt WMA and leave a ladder stand up all season. I have not run into another hunter in the field for the past 4 years. Until opening day of bow this year. I heard the shot and then heard a deer running behind me. I heard it crash. When I saw the hunter looking for the deer I got down from my stand. I told him where I heard the deer crash and helped him look for it. He said that he knew there was a stand nearby but did not realize I was that close (within 30 yards). He said he would move further away. I told him it was public land and he had the right to stay if he wanted. I said that we might cross paths at times but I had no problem with it. I know that we were both lucky that neither of us had a problem with this. From what I read here and what I have seen hunting small game on WMA's there is a lot of fighting over public access to someone's "spot". I recently saw a whole group getting into a fist fight over a pheasant. The CO's had to be called out to break it up. This is public land open to all hunters. People have to realize that you can hang your stand but cannot claim the "spot" as yours. People also have to use common sense and courtesy and not interfere when someone else is already in a stand or blind. If I see someone set up close to my stand I will find another spot to hunt and leave my stand for use another day. However, because my stand is on public land does not leave it open for public use. If I see another hunter in my stand without permission then I do have a problem and will chase them out. The stand is still my property. I do come across other hunters at the parking areas and on the roads. I stop to talk and ask the general area they are hunting and tell them where I am so we don't interfere with each other. Never had a problem with another hunter and as I said this year is the only one I actually ran into while afield. We hunted the rest of the season with stands close and I only ran into one other time at the parking lot.
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Who cares if people leave stands there. I dont give a rats ass if your hunting a spot. If theres a big buck in the area guess where I am gonna be and yes I will be there before you.

What pisses me off is when you get a guy that walks in on you and starts bitching.

BUDDY SHUT UP. Move on and come back another day. Shouting in the dark at 5am wont do either of us any good....
Where I go in zone 3 You are aloud to set up 2 weeks before and break down 2 weeks after.
same here...... i have met other hunters who put their stands in early and leave them all season too..... we all know were the stands are,and can use each others stands
i do not use a climber, and putting up a lock on is a pain in the neck. i cant see taking that down all the time. and like its been said before, its state land, and if someone puts a stand by you, you may not like it, but there is nothing you can do.
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