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BBQ Duck

duck breasts cream cheese
milk bacon
sliced jalapenos Lea and Perrin's
worchester sauce
italian dressing KC Masterpiece or
Jack Miller's BBQ sauce
Tony Saccherie's
cajun spices salt and pepper

1. Marinate duck breasts in milk 12 hours (this takes the real gamey taste oute).

2. Then marinate in an equal mixture of worchester and Italian dressing.

3. Fillet the duck breasts in the middle so they will open up into two halves(don't let the two halves come apart, making sure to leave an open side and a closed side).

4. Salt and pepper and spice up both sides of the duck the cajun way!

5. Put liberal amount of cream cheese in between the two halves of the duck.

6. Also add jalapeno slices in between the halves and on top of the cream cheese.

7. Wrap the whole duck breast in bacon.

8. Stick toothpicks on open side of the duck breast.

9. Cook on grill about 7 min. on each side (depends on how well you like it cooked).

10. Baste with the bbq sauce.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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