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Razorcaps broadheads..

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I dont know if you guys have clicked on the link at the bottom of the main page for the Razorcaps broadheads, but they look to be a pretty awesome broadhead.

Strong as nails....shot into CONCRETE without breaking! OMG!!!

Guaranteed FP flight.[up]

Cut on contact, replaceable blades, the only thing I could ask for is six in a pack!:)

Anyone try them yet? I heard of them before this, but never really gave much thought to them, my TH100s still do the job. Planning some bear hunts though possibly, and these may be worth a try.

What do you all think?
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I haven't try them yet, but Phil Muller is the President of TANJ, Owner of razorcap. Nice BH's lots of weights from 85-250gr...
i was looking at them as well.
100 grain is the lightest Razorcap right now, he is in the process of making a 90gr one he's thinking of calling "RazorBACS", cause I've been hounding him to make a lighter head.

They are a wicked looking head, fly good, and group well. I've been messing around with the 100gr ones, and I'm cutting feathers off.
Sorry BACS is right 100gr is the smallest one...
give razorcaps 10 years and everyone will be using them.
I'll try them once my stash of Montech G5s are used up.
Just picked up two packs of them at 100 grains (had to in order to get the t-shirt!) at The Sportsman Center's shindig this past weekend. Very impressive looking.
I am just getting back into bow hunting and remember the crappy broad heads of 10 years ago. THESE things look DANGEROUS!

keep us posted on how they are working out. i want to try them.
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