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I went to the range today to shoot my muzzleloader, and practice with my Marlin .22.

Of course I did bring the Savage 210 shotgun as well....

`After about 20 shots out the muzzleloader, ( having a very difficult time with barrel heating on the 100 degree range), and spending some time shooting the .22. I decided to shoot a quick three shot group with the Savage. I would have liked to shot more but my shoulder felt like it had already paid its dues.

The last time I shot the Savage, (July 3rd) I only took 1 shot. It was off the bull about 1 in low and left. ( The range is 100yd ).

So, I snuggled up to my rest, and here is what I got...1" off bull

Now, judging by my experience with my muzzleloader I assumed that I should give the barrel a chance to cool if I wanted to expect any consistancy. But you know what, I wanted to see what would happen if just quickly followed up with 2 more shots as I would in a hunting situation. Here is the final results...

That far shot is 3.5" off the bull, making a 4" group. Too many variables to read anything into it. Though I do note that the first shot has been consistantly accurate my past few trips.
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