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After hearing about Ram Cat broad heads from a few pals, I decided to get a few packs in the shop to try out. Accuracy by 3 different shooters out to 45 yrds didnt have to change the sights, 2 of us include myself shot deer with 100 gr Ram Cats, His got his at about 20 yrds no prob, and I at first thought the deer was a little further than 56-58yrds so I aimed at the top of his back and spine shot him jumping him flat ( the arrow went right where I put the pin., he tried to get back up with his front legs and I sent another right behind the shoulder in the sweet spot. deer went about 4-6 yards. Deer was at approx 52 yrds on both shots.

We are now a Ram Cat dealer..

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Parental guidance on this next video, you ight have to be signed into Youtube, its a bloody issue. :grimace::grimace:

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