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quads & motorcycles while hunting

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last year i had a good spot.tons of deer. so i put some apples out an some corn. they ate it all very fast. i sat in tree all day saw nothing.came back the next day all of the food was gone. so i put up a trail camera,it puts the time of the deer on the pictures. all of the deer came in very late at night. there were 7 different bucks coming in. i never saw one of them in daylight. i,m sure this is because of the quads and motorcycles .
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i guess ill ask for lou? ill give you a heads up befor i go there.
i guess ill ask for lou? ill give you a heads up befor i go there.
yea just ask for me.....yea just give me a heads up and i will keep an eye i cant wait for deer week...little over a month away
does wooddruff have a website, is it a driving club, stand hunter or both.
yea i agree...those dirtbikes or quads dont bother them deer unless they almost run them over....they will stay bedded down and you will ride right past them
Yes they will stay bedded until they know the quads are done for the day. That means they will not be walking around eating and wandering into hunters. So unless you are driving around hunting from that quad, you're beat
Tell me, how many times have you heard or seen dirt bikes and quads ripping around when you watch the deer hunting shows? Oh that's right, never. There's a reason for that
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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