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quads & motorcycles while hunting

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last year i had a good spot.tons of deer. so i put some apples out an some corn. they ate it all very fast. i sat in tree all day saw nothing.came back the next day all of the food was gone. so i put up a trail camera,it puts the time of the deer on the pictures. all of the deer came in very late at night. there were 7 different bucks coming in. i never saw one of them in daylight. i,m sure this is because of the quads and motorcycles .
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some time the deer may run off a little if your real close to a road and if an atv or trail bike is coming. if the bike keeps going the deer dont run far.. now if your using your atv and dricing it almost to your stand in the morning your blowing out you deer and they wont come back until dark30. for the most part if you riding an atv or trail bike during daylight that doesnt reall bother the deer. bucks coming to yur bait in the pine at night is the way it is. them deer are the smartes going because lots of them live longer than most.
im a cop down the pines and i have the hard job of riding a police quad when i get the chance. someone has to do it.
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waretown commingly knows as ocean township, yes it is a swayyt atv we had two of them. me and another guy ride them thats it. the only issue we have is gas.
i live in jackson, i hunt in 18 small county
wooddruff? hawkin road blinking light hawkin road? i dont know where that club is. great adaventure side of hawkin rd or colliers mills side of hawkin rd, is it off the blacktop?
i no the area ill try to find it. my wife is a jackson cop she might no where it is. thats in my back yard kinda
man sounds great, i remember those days. use to belong to the shore buck club in waretown before it went under. it was fun while it lasted though. ill ask her tonight.
i got it. just got off the phone with her i no where it is.
i guess ill ask for lou? ill give you a heads up befor i go there.
does wooddruff have a website, is it a driving club, stand hunter or both.
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