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public land etiquette ??

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I used this rainy day to scout a small piece of public land in Sussex County. I have hunted it a few times in the past and have never seen anyone during archery season. (The locals drive it twice a day during 6 day firearm).
So today I get there and start walking around. I find a bait pile, then another then 10 more.The bait was in an area that spanned out about 200 yards. They where mot placed by any trees that you could get up to with a climber. Maybe its in preparation for the gun season.Its the exact spot I hunted the last 2 years. Would it be wrong to hunt it knowing someone else has spent the time to bait it. I know its public so I can do what I want. But should I look elsewhere?
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Public is public.....I would hunt it... I know any improvements I do on a spot on public grounds may be used by someone else...It's just the way things go... I wouldn't be angry If I found someone in a spot I improved or baited... It's public grounds...They have the right to be there... Thats just me... Someone else might want to take your head off!!!;)
i agree with's PUBLIC land. it happens all the time. i just get in alot earlier then most people to get my spot.
I've been hunting public WMA land in Sussex county for the past 24 years. I hunt anywhere i want, knowing that if I go to a particular spot that I always go to and find another hunter there, that i'll just have to continue on and find another spot. I do stay away from particular areas that I know other guys will be, and they stay away from mine, just because it's been that way for many years. But public land is just that, public.
i did not know you could bait on public land
same thing happened to me last week at sparta Mt. WMA. Went in blind having never hunted here before and found 2 bait piles 50 yds apart. No treestands. No blinds. Nobody around.. So I picked a tree 25 yds away from 1 pile and made myself at home..Saw nothing that night but on Thurs. nite had nice buck coming in but he spotted me as I was even with him as he came down hill towards bait..If someone had been posted there I would have found a different spot, You take your chances on public land..
just think of it this way. its like when your pheasant hunting and a guy flushes a bird. if he misses the bird, its fair game and your allowed to shoot it... if the guy is not at the spot he is baiting, you can shoot the deer that are in his spot.
I've got to say...To me.... (I grew up hunting private property in New York,where baiting is illegal).

Some of the things you guys take for granted here in NJ amazes me...LOL

Nothing against it, as it is this states traditions. However where I grew up, none of this stuff would even be considered....
Well it is very nice to be able to grow up hunting private property. Not everyone has that luxury, I am not sure why you feel obligated to continue on about this but NJ is not the only state that allows baiting and I am not sure what tradition has to do with it. There are laws put in place by the state and they more than likely are there for a reason. I am personally only am familiar with Texas but I am sure there are more states that do and just as many that do not allow baiting. It really has nothing to do with any of these fine hunters traditions. I have looked at the pictures and from the looks on their faces, the faces of their children and friends..I think everything is just fine, I dont see what is being taken for granted. There is no need to be self rightious, we all do what we do, as long as we all abide by the laws or participates in no obvious harm to the ecology then everyone is in the right. You do not believe in baiting at that is perfectly okay. You have every god given right to believe that way. So don't do it, but don't jump on everyones case about it and try to belittle them. Anyway I am sure that if the state of NY felt it was okay from a biological, ecological, environmental or any other standpoint ending with an ( hell I thought it was funny! lol) then they would allow it. Sorry guys I did exactly what I did not want to do...just felt like this has been beat to death.
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Even if its public land and I agree we all have the same rights to hunt this land, I feel that if I walked in and found a bait pile I would move onto my own area for a few reasons.

1) the hunter took his time to find this spot, bring in the bait, and spend his money for the bait
2) If I was that hunter I wouldn't want someone in my spot after doing all the work
3) why take a chance of having a problem if the hunter showes up, theres lots of room and a real man avoids problems

We don't need problems among each other, we have enough problems with the NON HUNTERS

It is ridiculous statements like the ones that you just made that give message boards a bad name!

Not one piece of your inflamatory statement has any basis in fact.

Did you actually even read my post?

Actually I know the glanced at it, immediately made completely wrong assumptions, and became unnecessarily defensive. You then decided you would attept to point out how correct you are about your own thoughts and beliefs!

You are in fact the one is creating an issue over the subject. Ever other poster here seems to be able to the handle the subject in a mature and civil manner. You however seem to be incapable of that for some reason.

There is absolutely no question as to how I stand on this issue. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG ABOUT YOUR STATEMENTS.


(I have)..Nothing against it,
Now, get off your high horse, and stop putting words into other peoples mouth before you make a fool of yourself anymore.

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I woulds say I am about 70-30 on the subject. BHC makes a really good point. So I must say since I have never had to deal with that yet that I would probably move least I think I would anyways.
Ut Oh !

Here we go again !

I'm having flashbacks of last weeks postings !!

Me thinks the rain is gettin' to everybody :D

I agree with you completely. That is what I find so upsetting. I do not understand why people believe they have a right to create such inflamatory posts on a public forum.

As I is just that kind of activity that gives these message boards a bad name.

Hopeful, Hawkeye will refrain from such outburst in the future.

Now maybe we can actually get back to the subject at hand....JC
My self ..... I would look for another area to hunt . Nothing wrong if you hunt the area already baited but I would look for another spot .
nuff said

In reference to the very first message of the topic. Is 10 bait piles in a span of 200 yards you think that was just one hunter or several. Curious about the unwritten rules and such.
I must say if anyone is really going to hunt over someone else's bait pile, I would think it is only proper to at least throw some fresh bait of your own on top for good measure.;)

Realistically...I think it is more of a recipe for problems than anything else.

After seeing how out of line some members have gotten on this board over simple posts, I can not imagine what might occur over a bait pile with guns!
Wow, I can just see the headline now:


I think proper etiquette would be to leave a six pack on the bait pile after you shoot a deer off of it :D
I like your style, you can hunt my bait piles anyday! [up]
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