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Pros and Cons Deer feeding

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Every year I try to add something to my hunting arsenal. I hunt the big woods of Newark watershed and am considering some sort of feeder. It is a lot of work etc but could make things easier. I have another spot that is a goldmine with no need to feed but the big woods can be tough..Any thoughts???
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Remember that deer are like cows in that they have a 4 chambered stomach.

During the Spring/Summer they have enzymes in their stomachs that are able to breakdown green leafy food sources, whereas during the Fall/Winter, those enzymes are gone and they switch over to feeding on twigs, mast crops (acorns, etc..), and dried type feed.

If a deer ingests a lot of green leafy forage during the winter, their stomachs have the potential to become upset/blocked and they will eventually die.

Best bet is to stick to dry feed, and spread it out like chicken feed so that the deer have to forage naturally for the food.

I've seen mature does with that year's fawns see a bait pile, stop dead in their tracks, turn and walk away immediately.

Planting clover and multi-seasonal food plots is the way to go.
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