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anyone see the amendments? for the most part i think they seem fair, and some of them are real cool, like extending coyote and fox season. however, one section is interesting:
Hunters will be allowed to apply for and obtain a second bear permit for an additional zone through the lottery, however the bear hunting season remains closed at this time.
....why bother adding/amending this if we dont have a season?...[confused]

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Hunters will be allowed to apply for and obtain a second bear permit for an additional zone through the lottery, however the bear hunting  season remains closed at this time.
Sound like a way to make more money...

"Deer Hunters will be allowed to apply for and obtain up to thirty unlimited deer permits, however only one permit may be used during the season."

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Probably will say theres a possibility of a hunt and just make everyone pay money for the lottery and get their cash and say theres no hunt. This way the state gets money and the antis are happy.[down] we need a bear hunt

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Probably will say theres a possibility of a hunt and just make everyone pay money for the lottery and get their cash and say theres no hunt.
I think if they go through the process of making people pay for the bear hunt, then it will go through. In the years past they were free permits just in case they closed it. The state would loose money by returning the permit fees. They need to impliment a season where we pay like we do for the deer permits unfortunately. This way they can show a revinue stream on permit sales in order to keep the season on bears open. Obviously it wont shut the anti's up, but it would give them something esle to cry about.

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N.J.A.C. 7:25-5.24 specifies authorized equipment and restrictions applicable to
hunting using bow and arrow. The Council is proposing to expand the definition of
“bow” by removing the prohibition on all draw locking and draw holding devices
and by including crossbows and is proposing a definition of “crossbows” to specify
the required size and components of an allowed crossbow. Crossbows legal for use in
New Jersey shall have a stock length of at least 25 inches, and a minimum draw pull
weight of 75 pounds; also, crossbows shall be uncocked whenever in or upon a motor
As a result of the proposed change, hunters of all ages would be allowed to use
crossbows during any open bow season for deer hunting. The benefits of crossbow
use include hunter recruitment and retention, and better deer management in
suburban/rural interface areas. Anticipated increases in license and permit sales will
provide additional funding to the Division for the continued management of game
species and their habitat throughout the State. Crossbows may encourage youth,
women and other persons who have difficulty drawing a regular bow to participate in
the sport and to start family hunting traditions. Crossbows will also enable aging
hunters with various physical limitations not defined as a handicap, to continue with
or to come back to the sport. Crossbows can be a practical alternative in populated
areas where firearm discharge has been restricted by local ordinance, which should
help the Division achieve deer management objectives where access may be an issue.
And while no additional fees will be charged to hunt with a crossbow, additional
revenue is anticipated through the increase in sales of archery licenses and Permit
Bow season permits. A scientific survey, conducted by the Division and entitled “An
Assessment of NJ Resident Hunter Opinion on Crossbows”, found that the majority
of resident deer hunters are in favor of expansion of the crossbow in archery seasons.
Specifically, 73% of resident deer hunters surveyed supported the expansion of
crossbow use, and 67% of deer hunters who reported hunting only with bows
supported the proposal. Currently, crossbows are legal only with a special bow permit
for physically handicapped individuals. The Council is proposing to delete N.J.A.C.
7:25-5.24(e), which specifies who is eligible for Special Bow Use Permits for
crossbows and attachments to longbow, recurved bow or compound bows and as a
result of this deletion, allow their use by all hunters without a special bow permit.

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Looks like Bows will be legal for 6 day now....

16. The Council proposes to repeal the current prohibition against the use of bows during
the six-day firearm deer season in N.J.A.C. 7:25-5.24, which covers bow and arrow
general provisions, and proposes a corresponding amendment to N.J.A.C. 7:25-5.27,
which specifies the six-day firearm season, to include bows as a form of legal hunting
equipment. As a result of these proposed amendments, bow and arrow would be
considered legal for the taking of an antlered deer during the six-day firearm season,
provided the hunter has a current and legal firearm license in addition to an archery
license, or an all-around license. Because a bowhunter taking advantage of this new
regulation will tag a deer using the transportation tag from a firearm license, the
bowhunter must be licensed in both disciplines; thus the stated license requirement.
This amendment will allow hunters who have landowner permission to hunt deer only
with a legal bow and not a firearm on a particular property to hunt during this period
and utilize the tags for this season, thereby increasing recreational opportunity and
deer management objectives through an increase in harvest. See N.J.A.C. 7:25-5.24
and 5.27.The Council is clarifying that the antlered buck permits issued without fee to
qualified farmers for the white-tailed deer special bow permit season, the white-tailed
deer muzzleloader rifle permit season and the white-tailed deer shotgun permit season
are valid in all zones in which the farmer has a valid special bow permit, shotgun
permit or muzzleloader rifle permit, and are not just valid in the zone for which the
farmer qualifies for a free permit. Since only one antlered buck permit may be
possessed for each season, this clarification ensures that farmers have the same
hunting opportunity to hunt multiple zones for bucks as do regularly licensed hunters.
See N.J.A.C. 7:25-5.28-30.
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