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Portable interactive whiteboard in Egypt In contrast to most of the whiteboards and the interactive displays out there that have electronic boards which could be easily damaged with wear and tear, TACT is manufactured to last against hits, and harsh Conditions. Most whiteboards are getting affected and lose a lot of functions due to exposure to dirt and liquids.
TACT is providing you with the most durable portable interactive whiteboard in Egypt, and in the Middle East as well. It’s designed to be carried around in your pocket to be able to use anywhere you want without any struggles or hurdles. That’s why we’ve designed TACT to be the most durable portable interactive whiteboards in the business.
  • Compatibility:
Most whiteboards, interactive display screens, and interactive projectors require a lot of wiring and might need a specialist in order to set it up in one place. Which will consume a lot of time and energy from you in order just to install the device.
One the other hand, TACT is a wireless device that works with any projector, any TV screen, and any software (Windows, Linux, Mac).
Just simply plug the TACT device into a computer USB port, point the device to any flat surface such as a projected wall or a TV screen, use the stylus and enjoy a completely interactive surface.
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