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Poison Ivy Sucks!

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Man last week i got a doe and of course it ran into the most thickest area where i was hunting. It was all stickers and poison ivy. Now i have it. I get it SO bad. I went to the doctors yesterday to get the shot of steriods to start knocking it out.

Anyone else here gets it bad? whats your remedy to get rid of it. for me only the shot and i get the 7 day steriod pills.
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yes it does suck[down][mad]
As a kid I used to get poison ivy often .I haven't had it in 20 years.
Octagon soap is the old time also works well for temporarily plugging a gas tank leak.

It's hard to find today. It is what they used to use to wash clothes with a washboard.
I don't get poison ivy. When I was younger my friend and I would push the neighbors kid in the poison ivy and roll him in it. We were bad.
My father gets it just by looking at it. When we had it growing in our backyard he would make me rip it out. I used to rip it out with my bare hands.
The #1 cure for posion ivy, Woj, is NOT playing in it in the first place!!!

But, if you're gonna, you have a few options according to the FDA:


(1) Try to keep all skin areas covered when traveling through the stuff

(2) sometimes you'll get "contact" poison ivy from touching a deer that's been traveling through &/or bedding in it!!!, so try to wear gloves at all times.

If you've been exposed to poison ivy, oak or sumac, if possible, stay outdoors until you complete the first two steps:

(1) Clean exposed skin with generous amounts of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. (Don't return to the woods or yard the same day. Alcohol removes your skin's protection along with the poison ivy oil and any new contact will cause the poison ivy oil to penetrate twice as fast.)

(2) Wash skin with water. (Water temperature does not matter; if you're outside, it's likely only cold water will be available.)

(3) Take a regular shower with soap and warm water. Do not use soap before this point because soap will tend to pick up some of the poison ivy oils from the surface of the skin and move it around.

(4) Clothes, shoes, tools, and anything else that may have been in contact with the poison ivy oil should be wiped off with alcohol and water. Be sure to wear gloves or otherwise cover your hands while doing this and then discard the hand covering.


(1) For mild cases, wet compresses or soaking in cool water may be effective. Oral antihistamines can also relieve itching.

(2) The FDA also considers over-the-counter topical corticosteroids (commonly called hydrocortisones under brand names such as Cortaid and Lanacort) safe and effective for temporary relief of itching associated with poison ivy.

(3) For severe cases, prescription topical corticosteroid drugs can halt the reaction, but only if treatment begins within a few hours of exposure. After the blisters form, the [topical] steroid isn't going to do much. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that people who have had severe reactions in the past should contact a dermatologist as soon as possible after a new exposure.

(4) Severe reactions can be treated with prescription oral corticosteroids. Doctors prescribe oral corticosteroids if the rash is on the face, genitals, or covers more than 30 percent of the body. The drug must be taken for at least 14 days, and preferably over a three-week period according to the FDA. Shorter courses of treatment will cause a rebound with an even more severe rash.

There are a number of OTC products to help dry up the oozing blisters, including:

aluminum acetate (Burrows solution)
baking soda
Aveeno (oatmeal bath)
aluminum hydroxide gel
zinc acetate
zinc carbonate
zinc oxide
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The doctor gave me my steriod shot on friday and today i just picked my steriods (pills) for it. Prednisone is what it is called.
I don't really get it. I can bush wack the stuff with my weed trimmer, be dripping with it and only get one or two spots. I have a friend that gets it when she walks by it. The oil is actually quite volatile. Don't every burn the stuff eithier because the oils volatility will be increased and it can get into you lungs in the smoke.

Good luck! I've had it the past 2 years putting up a stand. I get it while my dad doesn't and we put up the same stand. He could put the leaves between two slices of bread and have it for lunch and would be fine. I seem to be really sensitive to it. I went to a Dermatologist and he precribed steriods starting at 40mg and lowering to 10mg for a total of 12 days. The stuff is good! Plenty of energy. Tough to go to sleep but who needs it! Now I know why so many baseballs were flying over the walls in MLB. Regardless, both times it worked. Once I had it really bad.
that's what i get to. the steriods does wonders.
Great, a bunch of juicers!:p:D

Sure as heck doesnt look like its working on your muscles though Woj. Are you sure they're giving you the right steroids? LOL JK:D
LOL i hear ya Matty. all i can do is dream.;)
woj, I know its late telling you this, and you may already be done with the ivy, but a product called ZANFEL works great. I too get poison ivy by just brushing up against it, and have had horror stories over the years. I was turned onto this product which can be bought through ShopRite (had to be ordered). It is expensive, but it only takes a few scrubs with this stuff and your done, totally.[smirk]
thanks i'll have to check it out.
Sure as heck doesnt look like its working on your muscles though Woj
Sure it does!!! Those sit ups are really paying off!!1 Look at the SIZE of that stomach muscle!!!! It's getting huge!!;)[up]
Sure it does!!! Those sit ups are really paying off!!1 Look at the SIZE of that stomach muscle!!!! It's getting huge!!
Steroids(dose pack)as prescribed, cap full of bleach in a cup full of water to dry it out faster and calamyne lotion.
Great, a bunch of juicers!
Next thing ya know they will be developing bows with a 200 lb draw weight.:D
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