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Poison Ivy Sucks!

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Man last week i got a doe and of course it ran into the most thickest area where i was hunting. It was all stickers and poison ivy. Now i have it. I get it SO bad. I went to the doctors yesterday to get the shot of steriods to start knocking it out.

Anyone else here gets it bad? whats your remedy to get rid of it. for me only the shot and i get the 7 day steriod pills.
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i never said i was in the
Well you should be.....:p:D

Now thats even funnier! Mean, but funny!:D

Im just busting your chops Woj. Im no string bean either.:eek::D
Im just busting your chops Woj. Im no string bean either
i hear ya. i know i should be in it. i never said i was skinny;)
I had it this summer for 8 weeks..Just kept getting over again..I had it once soo bad on my face that I looked like the Elephant Man..I would just look at my puss and scabed filled face in the mirror and cry thinking I would never look human again....WOJ, we have soo much PI up here it is ridiculous..Every tree behind my house seems to have a vine of it..
are you the one who lives in califon?
thats where i hunt! you hunt it?
I'm lucky - I don't get it. Once as a kid me and a friend wanted to get out of school so we rubbed it all over ourselves - neither of us had ever had it. He got it, I didn't. I went to school, he was miserable for a couple weeks.

I just confirmed last week that I still don't get it when I was posting a tree that was covered with it - didn't notice till after it was all over my hands. Whew. One less thing to think about in the woods.
if i just get close to it i get it.

I have not hunted it..I hunt a few days a year behind my house but havent seen many bucks worth shooting while I was hunting. I mostly hunt in Tewksbury on a friends farm...As soon as gun season starts the deer start herding up behind my house. Last year I feed 40 through the winter. They were like pets. I would carry a 5 gallon buck of corn and spread it on my hill and before I got back to the house the hillside would come alive and the deer would trot down and start eating..

Maybe we could get together one Saturday...
Maybe we could get together one Saturday...
I would love to. i used to hunt califon on hollow brook road, it's off califon road.

you on top of the gorge or on 513?
I am on 513..Dont want to give address over the net....I am near Hoffmans Crossing..Do you park on 513 or in the Gorge?

As I write this I am looking at 6 does that just started feeding on the side of my house. 15 yards away..I have seen them all summer..1 doe with 2 yearlings, a single doe and another with 1 fawn. Sometimes they have a tall spike and wide fork horn but I have not seem them since mid-Sept..I try and take a picture..
there is a small 5 point with them that I have never seen before. They did not like the flash on my camera so I was only took one shot..Unfortunately it is a work camera and cant download until I am on my work computer on Monday..Maybe I should go out this afternoon..
i park right on 513. you probably see my truck before.

email me.
i bet we have been watching the same deer.

what side of the road you live on?
Woj, sent email..Did you bag you doe yet?? I did a few weeks ago now waiting for a nice buck or the right chance to "Bank A Doe"..
yeah i got mine last saturday.

email sent.
Once when I was a kid I got it so bad the doctors didn't know what it was at first. It happened in March. My friends and I went fishing only to find the pond still frozen except one area in the other side. We bushwacked to the other side.

My eyes were closed from my eyebrows to my cheeks. It was on one hand between my fingers doubling the size of my fingers. Worst of all I had it on my [email protected]#K. That actually didn't look to bad, but it iched like crazy. (Too bad it didn't double the size like on my fingers.)

At the time I rode to high school on a city bus looking like the elepahnt man and scratching my crotch. I went to an all boy's high school so I never found out what the girls on the bus from another school were thinkng. I can just imagine.
I pour straight bleach on it when I get it... Burn's a little but seem's to dry it out...
you talking about your "thing" again Rich?
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