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Poison Ivy Sucks!

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Man last week i got a doe and of course it ran into the most thickest area where i was hunting. It was all stickers and poison ivy. Now i have it. I get it SO bad. I went to the doctors yesterday to get the shot of steriods to start knocking it out.

Anyone else here gets it bad? whats your remedy to get rid of it. for me only the shot and i get the 7 day steriod pills.
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Woj, be careful about jumping into the ocean with that itchy butt.

Remember you are in the beginning stages of the NJH fit club, and I think if they caught you with that much "crack" in the ocean, it would be considered "International Drug Trafficing".:p:D
i never said i was in the
Well you should be.....:p:D

Now thats even funnier! Mean, but funny!:D

Im just busting your chops Woj. Im no string bean either.:eek::D
Great, a bunch of juicers!:p:D

Sure as heck doesnt look like its working on your muscles though Woj. Are you sure they're giving you the right steroids? LOL JK:D
Sure it does!!! Those sit ups are really paying off!!1 Look at the SIZE of that stomach muscle!!!! It's getting huge!!
1 - 4 of 57 Posts
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