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Poison Ivy Sucks!

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Man last week i got a doe and of course it ran into the most thickest area where i was hunting. It was all stickers and poison ivy. Now i have it. I get it SO bad. I went to the doctors yesterday to get the shot of steriods to start knocking it out.

Anyone else here gets it bad? whats your remedy to get rid of it. for me only the shot and i get the 7 day steriod pills.
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Oh Woj, Just the thought of it there makes my skin crawl !!

Salt water works ( ocean ) So just go jump in the Bay :D
If I had Poison sumac up the crack of my A$$, no drive to the Bay would be TOOOOOOOOO long :D:D
I can just picture you sitting in the Bay, spreading you cheeks !

Wait a minute !

Wait a minute !

Oh GOD, I think I'm going BLIND just from the thought :p:p:p
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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