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Poison Ivy Sucks!

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Man last week i got a doe and of course it ran into the most thickest area where i was hunting. It was all stickers and poison ivy. Now i have it. I get it SO bad. I went to the doctors yesterday to get the shot of steriods to start knocking it out.

Anyone else here gets it bad? whats your remedy to get rid of it. for me only the shot and i get the 7 day steriod pills.
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Keep your hands away from the Ding Dong :D Man I got it there once as a Kid man does that suck, [down]
Yes it is. I see poision Ivy since then and I run like the wind. That was like the worst days of my life. OOOOUCH!!! [sad][down][down]I use to get Poision Ivy Bad as a kid but as an Adult I rarely get it and when I do it is mild 1-5 bumps that itch pretty good.
sumac leaves does wonders!!! LOL

never again! i was out of work for 2 weeks.
LMAO!!! :D Sorry I am sure that sucked BAD!![down]
Man If I had sumac in the A$$ I would be Soaking it in a Bucket of Bleach. That must have been the worse case of Cranky A$$ anyone could have..?
1 - 4 of 57 Posts
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