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Point Pleasant Surf Fishing

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Is it any good? I might try one day this week.
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I've tried off the wall, but never got anything. I have seen fluke, blues, and sea robins caught there though.
Wait till after Labor day.

I heard about some black drum still being caught at Sandy Hook.
Just south of Pt. Pleasant is the town of Bay Head. It has been awhile since I have been there, so I may not have the street names quite correct, but here goes.

Stay on 35 south or Ocean Ave past Pt. Pleasant into Bay Head. I believe after the intersection with Mount Street, the next street is Chadwick. Park between these two streets. Oppsite the right hand turn for Chadwick (ocean side) there should be a beach access point. (This may be a private beach, but when I was diving there, before 9 and after 5, anyone could access. Immedieately infront of this access point or maybe a little to the left (south) should be a jetty. Not sure if you are a jetty climber or not, but maybe 50 yards past the jetty and slightly south there is an 19th century ship wreck. It sits in about 20 feet of water and depending on the moving sands has relief of 2-10 feet up off the bottom. I have seen tons of stripers, weaks, sea b [no swearing please] and blackfish on this wreck. They cruise the water way between the jetty and the wreck all the time.

Good luck and let me know if you go.

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I'll have to check with the wife...since she will be going with me.
Also check out the beaches in Sea Girt. Northern most beach has been lucky for me and my friend who lives down there.
I caught the following three hours surf fishing off the Point Pleasant beach:

4 flounder... all short (11, 12, 13, and 14 inches)
13 sea robins

Then, I fished off of the jetty for an hour... what a waste... I only caught one sea robin.
The lone guy next to me caught 3 keepers on killies. I was using spearing. [up]
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