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Plot showing deer signs already

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I live close to the shore, plus just started hunting this year at age 27, don't know where any good deer spots are etc... Saw my first deer in december with my bow, hit a twig and watched it run before I could get a shot off. Turkeys were everywhere then, now there no where to be found.

After my long morning of turkey hunting saturday morning, I decided to check my food plot planted about 6 weeks ago. Its about 1/2" high, coming in nice and thick, and deer tracks leading into the area from every direction. Its amazing, how the hell do the deer know theres a plot planted there now. Im excited for bow season, maybe Ill get my first deer this fall.

Thanks for all the info on the food plots, now its time to put the plot saver up before the clovers are gone.

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Drome let me know how it's going... After about 1 month to 5 weeks move the plot saver in a few feet to keep the deer coming... If you can take some pictures please post them I would like to see you food plot.
I would have taken them this weekend but Im so anxious for my upstate new york turkey hunt that I packed my bags already and the cameras somewhere in my tag along trailer already.

I will take some after I get back and post them.

If you run out of Plot Saver spray . Use 6 to 8 eggs to one gallon of water . Mix slow but steady untill it all mixes well together .

Let it sit a few day and spray it on the ribbon . A little tip from someone that used to sell sort of the same thing . Works well I used it last year .
Im assuming you let that sit outside for a few days.
Eggs and water, who would have guessed.

Thanks for the tip.
Drome ,

I stuck it in the shed for about 4 days before I used it . It smelled pretty bad lol . Sticks well to the ribbon too .
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