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pla930's Texas Pictures (Pix)

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Thanks Drag!

Snuck up on this guy - got three quick pics and then he caught a whiff!
The lake is loaded with Largemouth B [no swearing please] and bluegills. My biggest b [no swearing please] was about 6lbs out of there but I've broken off bigger!

The lake is 40 feet deep in the center. Lots of rocks and tree limbs are on the bottom. No swimming unless you wear a life vest.

It was recently re-stocked with channel cats. The last time I was there I caught a 15lb cat on 8lb test!

One of the former ranch hands had trot lined the lake and nearly wiped out the catfish. One of the many reasons he was fired.

Now it is stocked with Cats as well as Hybrid Striped B [no swearing please] (still very small about 6") and Tilapia (hard to catch, but I imagine they'd be fun to bow-fish!).
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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