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Picnic reminder....last one till next year!

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Last picnic reminder, I promise.:D

Guys, if you want to come and help set there around 9am if you can.

If you just want to come eat and BS, come any time between 9 and 4!

If you bring the bow, you can shoot from about 10am to about 2:00pm- 3pm at the latest.

Gates close at 4pm so we have to be gone by then.

Dont worry though, thats a long day!!!!!!!

My truck is packed, and Im headed out to pick up some extra stuff so....

See you all tomorrow---Matt[up]
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My whole house smells like an Italian deli.
As we speak, I am frying the sausage for tomorrow.
Venison sausage( 50/50 venison and pork with provolone cheese, garlic and parsley ) with onions and peppers sauteed in olive oil with Italian seasonings.
That on a fresh kaiser roll should make a great combo.
And yes I'm making extra :D
Hey Matty ,

Keep an eye out for me, this is what I may be driving :D

But I might just bring my bike :D:D

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I'll send it to Drag, maybe there is a way to post a video on the forum. I know he won't dare tell me how to do it :D
He'd probably be afraid of what I might post.
I do have some morales. Not many, but a few, very few :p
Hey, UPS delivered my Coyote today. I shipped the whole thing home frozen. Gonna take it to the taxidermist Monday.
I sure am glad I was here to accept the delivery. I was surprised at their new uniforms. I guess the new style is due to the heat.

I'll never use FedEx again :D
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Hey, If I skin out the Coyote tomorrow morning we can put him on the grill.
Probably taste just like the chicken you had at your last CHINESE TAKEE OUTEEE :p:p
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