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Picnic Date--------Please READ

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As you all know, the NewJersey Hunter Picnic is/was planned for Saturday the 20th of August. However, it has come to my attention that switching it to Sunday the 21st may allow more members to attend. Also, we would have the 3D course set up for our use on Sunday, but not on Saturday.

Please let me know if switching it to Sunday is OK with everyone. The people of Pequest actually suggested it, so its ok with them, now its just up to everyone here.

I plan on meeting with them on Wednesday of this week to go over everything, and to try and finalize it, so please weigh in on this asap.

Thanks and have a good one---Matt:)
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Sunday is good for me!

I'll be in Canada
Thanks for answering guys.

Dbuck, would you have been able to make it on Saturday?

Sounds like we may switch it to Sunday if its good with most everyone.[up] We will have the 3D shoot there, and maybe we can get some new members for the forums, along with showing our support for the 3D event, thereby keeping it alive![up]

Who knows, this may become an annual thing!:)
either day is okay for me.
No Matty I wouldn't have, I leave for Canada friday night/Saturday Morning.
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