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Pheasant opener

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Are a few of us getting together next saturday? I remember Jim and shawn talking about this, just wanna know who is going, where are we meeting etc
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I'm still in!!![up] Not sure what the details are but count me in!![up]
OK, guess we have to ask shawn then, try to keep this at the top so he can see it tomorrow.
I thought you guys were meeting at Whittingham. Then heading to Layfayette for some swamp rats for Jim.
Not the pheasant opener. I thought we were gonna meet up and hunt pheasants.
When - November 12th

Where - Whittingham WMA I will post directions to the parking lot after I get the correct road names

Time - we will be meeting between 6:45am - 7:00am to line up in a spot. Then wait till the 8:00am Start

Who can come - Anyone who can make it.

This will be a good time to meet other members and also just a good time to get out and have a good time among friends.

Reply if you think you can make it. Maybe we can meet at a dinner for a NJH Breakfast Then we can walk all the greasy food off while looking for some Ringnecks.!
This is the plan from the original post!
someone will have to tell me where this is, cause I have no clue!!!
Part 2 of the plan is
you still going to whittingham whith us. Then get some bunnies at my place?
His place has got ALOT of Rabbits
His place has got ALOT of Rabbits
It's gonna have alot less by the end of this season!!!;)[up]
Ian, You can get there pretty easy from 206 or even 80! It's pretty easy to find! There are a ton of friggen parking lots though so I'm not sure where we are going to meet! I think we are going to grab a bite before we go at a diner...
Ok, well I am sure I will talk to Shawn between now and then.
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