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Thanks to all who stopped by the UBNJ table today and said hello.
A Big Thank You for signing the letters in support of Sunday bow hunting to the Gov. and for Giving Generously to the HHH. Hunters Helping the Hungry really needs the donations now as the Hungry in the state of NJ is over 300,000.HHH is run just on donations.


Hunters Helping the Hungry Inc. needs your support. All donations go directly towards the cost of deer processing and storing the meat. Please fill out the coupon below, and send with your donation to:

Hunters Helping the Hungry Inc. - P.O. Box 587

Lebanon, N.J. 08833

Hunters - Donate Your Deer Meat! For a minimum donation of $25.00 towards the cost of processing an average sized deer, we can provide up to 200 servings. Contact a HHH rep in your area for more information, and help us feed the hungry.

Click on the rep name to send a message

Joe Swigonski
Les Giese
Jack Chellew
Bud Thomas

This year, no appropriation was granted. The Division of Fish and Wildlife, is no longer able to match our funds. The Hunters Helping the Hungry program runs strictly on donations, and is not being supported by any government agency

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Good job wish I was well enough to be there with you.[up][up]
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