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Just got done setting up a brand new Parker Pheonix 32 for a customer. I must say, it is one sweet bow.

The bow draws and shoots very smooth! Great wall at full draw, with enough valley not to rip your arm off. Dont have a chrono anymore, but it seemed fast and was really quiet with just the factory silencing accessories. Tuned right up to the laser tuner, and the specs from the factory were dead on too!

There were two things I wasnt thrilled about though. The rubberized grip, and the accessory threads. Most of the accessory threads needed taps run down them (which is not unusual) but one of the sight holes wasnt drilled square. While the rubberized grip reduces hand shock, Im not a big fan of it, I think it causes torque, of course, Im picky and like very few grips. Hoyt and AR are among my favorites.

The bow comes from the factory with limbsavers on the limbs and mini limbsaver xtremes attached to the riser, along with string leeches! Nick (EL BAIT & Tackle) has them for $599 I believe. I also think it was $699 and you get it fully set up from the factory. Thats a great deal for a bow of this caliber fully set up! (Not 100% certain on the prices, but you can contact Nick at EL Bait) 973-770-8318

If you're looking for a new bow, give the Parker line a try.[up]
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