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Pa turkey

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My daughter wasn't able to hunt with me this weekend so, I took a buddy up on his offer to hunt his land in Pa.
We showed up just before first light. Walked into some nice farm fields. He was calling every once in awhile but no response. We made our way all the way across the property to where an old logging road cuts into the woods. We went 10 yards or so in and he cut hard on the box call. A gobbler fired back at him. He called again, another gobble. The game was on! He set me up in the front. put a decoy out about 15 yards to my right and directly in front of him and his father was 30 yards behind him. It took us about 3 minutes to set up and he started in with the cutting hard again.......less than 3 minutes went by when 3 toms came running over the hill. 45 minutes into the day killed my bird. That was fun!:D
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Congrats!!!![up] Sounds like a great hunt!
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