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PA truck title help!!

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I purchased a truck today in PA from a private seller. He said he needs to get the title notarized. I thought he can just sign it and I can flatbed it back to NJ. Does anyone here know what I need to do? Please help.
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pa it has to be done by a notary
pa it has to be done by a notary
Isn't that only for titling the vehicle in Pennsylvania?
you have to go with him to a notary in PA. You both sign the title and the notary signs it and seals it. The truck is officially in your name now. Then take that signed title to NJ DMV and get your new title and registration. Call you insurance company before hand and let them know you just bought a truck and you need to insure it. Give them the VIN number and you should be good to go. It's a bit of a pain cause you have to go to PA to sign the title (notary), then go back to pick the truck up once you have the registration and insurance to pick it up. If you're flat bedding just take it home after the signing. The guy I bought my truck from paid the notary charge, so I don't know what it costs
Dubs .... I don't understand.

Pennsylvania titles don't have a transfer of ownership area on the back (like NJ and other state titles)?

I live in PA, the only thing that needs to be notarized is the sellers signature, with price etc entered on the title....after that you can bring the title back to NJ and transfer it
Who requires that the sellers signature, etc be notarized? Not NJ

Does a PA resident that sells a vehicle have to keep a copy of the title?
Dubs .... I don't understand.

Pennsylvania titles don't have a transfer of ownership area on the back (like NJ and other state titles)?
I literally went through all that ducati is talking about when I bought my truck in January. I had to drive to the notary meet the guy... he signed I signed and I was on my way. Took 10 minutes. I handed him the cash at the notary got a receipt. Went back to NJ had the title transfered, got my registration, called my insurance and went back to pick the truck up. Also did it a few years ago with a Nissan my mom bought in Doylestown.
It's all taken care of. He got it notarized without my signature.
nice man. I wish my guy was able to do that. I would have saved me alot of time and fuel.

Goodluck with the new truck.[up][up]
Good luck with the new truck
Thanks Dubs. Slapping on a catalytic converter, new plugs, wires, K&N intake and hoping to pass inspection. '93 Chevy Z71 4X4 ext. cab short bed 5.7 with 88K. She runs strong. I'll be getting laid off in the next week or two if things don't pick up, only worked 3 days last week. I couldn't stick myself with payments.
nice man.
He was a very nice man, with a beautiful peice of property loaded with turkey. He drove the truck 40 miles to my home so I wouldn't have to flatbed it. I gave him a ride back. He was an honest man, and it was a pleasure doing business with someone like him.
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