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Well, I went out today with 5 friends to our ususal hunting grounds in the morning. It was very warm!!! to make a very long long long story short, NO ONE SAW A DEER ALL DAY!!! few shots were even heard. I talked to 35Whelen and they didnt see anything all day either and also had to deal with HEAVY fog til noon!! Nightstalker911 and his group didnt se ANYTHING either, and also had to deal with HEAVY fog til noon!!! I also talked to another buddy of mine who hunted my property I was gonna go to this afternoon, and he only saw 1 doe all day, and he did get her!!! After the BORING day was through we decided to go to our butcher and talke to him and see what everyone brought in and was saying about todays hunt, and there was alot of people that didnt see anything and the total for the day for them @ 6pm was only 34 deer!!! That is horrible, since he said that last year he had 131 the first day!!!

So needless to say I will try to be back out tomorrow, weather pemiting, and If I do I will be meeting up with Paul, Nightstalker911. Congrats to all that were in NY, and here for the M/L opener. [up]
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I was here for the M/L opener and saw zero this am and zero this pm.I'm sure the warm weather didn't help the deer movement...
I heard one shot this morning before I took my deer, and I heard no shots from PA
Just talked to nightstalker, they hear 4 shots all day!!!!
My dad jus called me from pa and said he shot an 8 pt this morning
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