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PA game land maps

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Anyone have or know how to get any maps of the PA game lands? Specifically in Pike county?

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I just tried that and got some error message? Did you get the same?
worked for me.
How do I install flash or active x? I think thats the problem..
I think you need adobe....If anyone want to know some gamelands just ask, i hunted most of them in northampton, lehigh, and monroe counties
Well Im just looking for some background info to determine where to hunt in Pike county from the Pocono Ranch lands area for bear.

Most of the sport shops in the area (I know the ones along rt402) sell the usgs topo maps. I have all of them for pike county.
Rt6, near Shohola Falls, is quite nice land. I see bears there when traveling to my folks place in Waymart
Thanks for all the info, I think when Tommy and myself travel up there to scout we'll stop in a few places for some maps.

Drome can you email me? [email protected]?
I tried to send one to you but it didn't work. Did you sign up for the email address?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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