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Oxford Central School archers finish 9th in nationals
Wednesday May 13, 2009, 9:00 PM

Facing stiffer competition than ever before, the Oxford Central School archery squad proved to be right on-target Saturday.

Participating in the National Archery In-The-Schools Program's national tournament in Louisville, Ky., Oxford finished ninth among 65 squads in the middle school division. Oxford's 3238 was the highest score the squad has ever posted and bettered the total it shot while winning its third straight state championship two months ago by 99 points.

"This was a great accomplishment," said Oxford Head Coach Rob Causton. "Everyone on the team helped achieve this score, not only by arrow score but supporting their teammates, consoling if necessary -- whatever the team needed.

"It was so satisfying to watch the team come together as one in the largest tournament in U.S. history."
This was the third straight year Oxford competed in the NASP national tourney inside the Louisville Exposition Center. Last spring the team finished eighth and in 2007 it was 15th. Capturing the team championship was Ashville (Ala.) with 3350.
Eighth-grader Rachael Zorsky again was Oxford's top individual finisher, placing eighth among the girls with 283 points, while seventh-grader Rachel Opdyke wasn't far behind. She was 14th with 280, her best showing yet in the nationals.
Ryan Witner, a seventh-grader, finished 31st overall among the boys with 282 points and among the other leading Oxford shooters were Kayla Gallo (61st), Samantha Dreissig (62nd) and Haylee Ricci (67th).
Oxford's Danny Farkas was ninth in the boys elementary division with 281 but also took home a plaque and medal for finishing fourth in the boys' sixth-grade category.
Middle School
8. Rachael Zorsky 283; 14. Rachel Opdyke 280; 61. Kayla Gallo 270; 62. Samantha Dreissig 270; 67. Haylee Ricci 269; 129. Amanda Kiszonak 258; 135. Hannah Blaney 257
204. Julia Klimko 248; 296. Carin Ganova 238; 308. Michele Sykora 236; 404. Emily Lauziere 224; 404. Bianca Pasquini 224; 425. Alexis Spranger 221; 477. Courtney Mohr 209; 505. Alaina Finn 198
31. Ryan Witner 282; 126. Billy Docker 270; 226. Kyle Back 262; 583. Patrick McHale 237; 793. Michael McCrystal 209

Elementary Girls
280. Brooke Ross 227
Elementary Boys
9. Danny Farkas 281; 167. David Czarnecki 256

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....Rumor has it they are working within the Warren Hills School district to further this program up into the high school for these kids and the other kids of the district[up]

.....I also heard the states total of 19 teams currently in the program is going to increase to 40 teams in the coming year[up]
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