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Overlapping Season

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I hunt in a zone that uses Regulation set 8, but I also see that we have overlapping seasons in 4 and 6 also. So we can hunt during six-day with a shotgun, muzzle loader or bow. Also, youth day with the shotgun overlaps with bow season. It is great to see kids hunting. But with all the seasons overlapping is it not dangerous for those who hunt with the bow on youth day and during six day to hunt with a bow wearing Camo? Not sure why all the overlapping season the last few years. Any thoughts on the subject?
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Yeah, it is kind of dangerous, I was out last year on youth firearm day, with my bow. Didnt even realize it till the shots started going off. I didnt have any orange, and its kind of scary walking out of the woods like that.

Its ok, when I KNOW about it, because I can plan for it, but its scary when it slips your mind and surprises you like that. Same thing happened while bowhunting with pheasant day once. Didnt realize it till the army of orange came rolling through. :eek:

As for bow during 6day, yeah you can do that too, but wear orange, and make sure you get a good hit on your deer, if you see one traveling at less than 40mph that is.:D
I hunt zone 4, and I hunt with the bow during the youth shotgun day, I never had a problem.
I agree, they shouldn't overlap the seasons like they do. Lucky for me I hunt mostly on priv-land and the State land I hunt on hardly anyone else hunts it.

I do like it when I bow hunt when it is 6-day, because some many deer get pushed to me.
I hunt on private land and have no problems. But I don't understand the logic behind the overlapping season.
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