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out on the ice today

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I brought my girls out skateing today. I was surprised to find 6" of ice.
I'll have to dig out the ice fishing gear a little early this year.
Poor man's surf and turf,venison back straps and yellow perch fillets. If the rich guys only knew what they are missing.:)
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Alot of the ice is melted here in Jackson. Last week it was pretty thick and then we got some warm weather.
6''? wow thats deep for the weather weve been having
Posted: 19 Dec 2005 10:08 AM

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6''? wow thats deep for the weather weve been having
Actually no. The ice freezes faster than it melts. As long as it is below freezing more than 12 hrs a day we gain ice.
Where was there 6"?????????/
Highland Lakes
It's been cold enough here to grow ice just about every night since the begining of December.
Guys have been out on my lake for the past few days. Not me... still deer hunting.
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