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Had another great day on the water with Jr and crew(Joe987654321, MarkmartinFan, Rugman, Daver77 and myself)..

Fishing was a slow a steady pick. We picked up one or two fish on every drift... We boated 12 nice fat fluke... MarkmartinFan landed a nice Cod also.. We only had a few shorts...

I was a little worried about Joe getting sea sick,(some of you may remember the fluke trip on the Norma K two years ago) well I was the one that got a little green, didn't chum but didn't feel good at all... Joe on the other hand was high hook....[up]

What more can you ask for, a great day fishing with a great group of guys...[up][up]

Jr sorry bout the pickles on your Cuban sandwich..[hihi][hihi]
Group shot

A bucktail bluefish...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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