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Olde Barn gun club meeting

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There's a meeting may 11 for new members @ Kisko Tavern @ 8PM
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how do they fit all those people into that bar? isn't kisko in dunellen?
Am I a new member?... I don't think I got my letter
almost everyone i know has been a member of that club. after the first year of being a member they never join again. i was one of them too.
It's the regular meeting but Al will sign up new members. The meeting is in the back room. Don't worry about to many people NO ONE ever shows up. It's like when I post NOBODY HELPS LOL
where is that club from?
long valley.
WAY to many people. Al wil ltake anyones money. If it's the day before opening day you can still join if have the money. to dangerous for me. some people might like it. this is not a bash on them but it's my opinion.
I TOTALLY AGREE he'll take anyone money. Overall it's a GOOD place to hunt if you can hunt week days!!!!
What land did you hunt?
long valley. i got a buck by the gl [no swearing please] house and another up that dirt road before the barn off to the right.
DB there are 4 different properties

I rarely hunted the semi wild side of LV. I took some bucks by Jacks pond & a bunch off of laketown. I stopped hunting the pond after someone took my stand & kept taking my name tag. that's OK I threw him out of the club.
The problem with LV seems to be the deer only members. EVERYTIME I have a complaint from hunters or the owner it's a deer only member. Plus the deer only people always bitch but never lend a hand.
Hey BobR, how did u fair trapping this year? I saw a coyote the other night while I was on the road with the horse farm. It was jogging across one of the fields where the horses graze. You might want to alert the owner of the farm in case he has recently born ponies.
I have hunted near laketown for 2 seasons and I have no complaints. I hunted mostly during the week amd Sat. afternoons. Someone took my friends stand and climbing steps this past year. The 1st day of muzzle loader there were a few people in the area, after opening day buck it is pretty quite. I am not sure I am joining this year becuase of money issues but I would lend a hand around if I was asked. I thought there was enough help around.
I agree with wojtowicza peterson is a money hungry crook he doesnt care how many people are hunting on the 4 or 5 pieces that everybody hunts because he has his little special places for regular members only.
Shotgun season they drive the club into the ground and sice zone 8 has a long season if its brown its down.
I was a member for 5 years and no one at the meetings ever said anything about posting.
I can see the validity in what you guys are saying... I saw it to a certain extent too. I belonged to the club for two or three years. I left when we lost the property I hunted. I wasn't overly satisfied with the club, but at the same time, wasn't unsatisfied. I've belonged to worse.
that club has way too many people in it, more than once I was in the parking area having lunch when the bird hunters rained pellets down on me and my dad. we used to bowhunt with orange vests tied to the trees over our heads so when the bird hunters came through the woods they could see us, that place was a real shooting gallery.
Do they still have the property off Rattlesnake Bridge rd? They were leasing that as a semi wild and it backs up to my private land that I bowhunt. I always p [no swearing please] up all the young bucks on that property and I know that they never make it through gun season after those guys are in there. Even better is when they go trouncing throught he fields an hour before dark,in the middle of fall bow season, scouting for upcoming gun season. The joy of hunting NJ!
They lost the property off Rattlesnake Bridge Rd. Outbid by another club from Somerset County.
I was a member there last year. Never deer hunted but it was a great place to bird hunt.

That part of the club now has a piece of property in Alpha, NJ. I didn't join that part of the club this year. For no other reason than it's a little out of my way with no easy route to get there. I didn't feel like driving an hour to get to it.
I'm still hunting LV in the PM which is not too bad. Less people in the PM.

I hunted deer in LV once. That was enough. All they do is drive, drive, and drive. By the second day you are lucky to see a deer if you want to sit.
Seems like some guys here have more problems on private land then I do on public land. I use to have many leases, never had problems with other members, but we did have problems with tresspassers, they also stole many treestands from us. After I lost my last lease back in the mid 90s, I started to hunt public land and since then I've been really happy[up]
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