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I'm planning on doing the Buckeye state this yr.
Hopefully the begining of the archery season the second week of Oct i'm shooting for. I'll be hunting on state land.
I lived out there for a yr and shot my big guy with the gun. Then went back,bowhunting, for the week of Thanksgiving for the following 4 yrs.
Of those 4 yrs. , 3 of the trips I had atleast 1 buck in the 130 or better cl [no swearing please] close to being in range. Something always kept me from connecting with the bow out there. But my point being how often can you go to unscouted property in jersey and see bucks of that caliber with just a week to do it. If you want big deer you got to hunt where your chances are good.
Ohio grows 1 1/2 yr old bucks it's just people dont shoot and brag about them. Their limit is ONE BUCK! No matter if you shoot it with your Bow,Crossbow,Pistol,Shotgun,or Muzzleloader with coordinating season.
The opportunity is there because theres a high percentage of 3 and 4 yr old bucks. My buck shot in Highland County was a 4 1/2 yr old and was the first antlered deer I saw out there. With just moving out there,I hunted w/ bow for three weeks before gun season and saw 2 button bucks and a few does. Then the first day of the gun season that afternoon bam the first buck I viewed came running past then came tumbling down, then up to the wall!!!
The encounters out there are incredible and one of these times i'm hooking up with the bow!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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