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Ohio Bucks (Pix)

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I got this from the outfitter in Ohio. This is one of 5 good bucks that he's caught on film by the stand I 'll be hunting.I' be there 10/1 - 10/3.I see if I can find some of the other pics he's sent me.
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JRhunt what outfitters are you useing in Ohio & Il?
Ohio= Ohio Arrow Outfitters.(1st time with him)
Illinois= Buckhorn outfitters.(4th time with him)
I am orig. from Ohio, I grew up in NW part of the state. That is where the huge deer are, but there are less deer do to less woodland vs. more agriculture.
During the rut I am going to southern Ohio, Athens, Perry, & Hocking Co. for 4 days. Then back up to northern part last 2 days I am going on my own w/ my buds. Yet it is easy to do your own thing in southern ohio, lots of public land. I am very familar w/ both regions of the state.
JR, you may find you've wasted your money with an outfitter in Ohio, unless he has a good amount of private land. I've heard of a few "outfitters" that just take hunters on public land they've scouted in SE Ohio. There is a lot of public land in Ohio, you just have to make a few trips and scout it before season. If you're going to DIY, I would look at the SW part of the state. We will probably be looking into that this winter. That is where all the monster cl [no swearing please] bucks seem to be coming from...the Beatty buck, The Jerman Buck, Heather Martin's Buck and so many more come from a little 3 or 4 county area between Cincy and Dayton.

As for Ohio being a sleeper, I don't really think so. Many people know about it, but it will never be like Ill or Iowa...the hunting is very different, that's why it's not as popular. SE Ohio is like hunting the big woods of Maine, or mountains of West Va. There isn't much agriculture, but lots of steep, heavily wooded terrain as far as the eye can see. Those other mid west states are more popular because they have higher deer numbers, and offer the classic farmland/woodlot hunting situation. Success can be had in Ohio, but it's tougher to score in just a weeks time, and it's not as scenic as sitting over a corn field, bean field or CRP/hedgerow/woodlot habitat. Ohio also gets more bowhunting pressure because crossbows are legal, and the woods get pretty crowded with them on the weekends. So, while it's a good state, it will never be the destination that Iowa, Ill. or Kansas have become...the circumstances are just too different.

Good luck this year...hope you have a good hunt.
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I will be hunting private property. I made that clear with him via Email and phone calls. Next year I would be interested in a DIY. I'll go out there during the spring (2006 )and do some scouting. Any of you guys got any suggestions on where to look for public land?
jrhunt where in ohio will you be hunting?
I will be hunting in ohio in Oct and Nov
Hocking County
Heres the pix Jason.
buckmaster3405 told me to post this for him. buckmaster3405 did you shoot this deer?

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buckmaster3405 did you shoot this deer?'s just resting....:D

This is buckmaster3405's mom's uncle's 14 pointer he shot in Ohio.
Wow, what a Buck! Any more room on that farm!:p
ohio is shotgun/muzzleloader no centerfire rifles

what a great buck[up]
crossbows allowed as well..
I'd be curious to know how JRhunt did from the stand that the bucks were photo'd from. Great buck also Buckmaster.[up]
How was the Ohio arrow Outfitter?
I am thinking about Ohio this fall.
Would you recommend him?
I never saw any of those big boys , but i did see about 75 deer in 3 days.The biggest I saw was about 110 Inches
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